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Q: What product is affected by the recall?

A: See Table Below:




Q. How can I tell if the products I purchased are affected?

A: There are manufacturing production labels adhered to the comfort liner and the inner EPS lining found under the comfort liner. Simply remove the comfort liner at the snaps and check the model name and size:




Q: What should I do with the affected product?

A: There are two options:

  1. Register your product through this website ( Once we receive your information, we will ship a return kit to you so that you can send the recalled helmet back to us free of charge. If you need assistance with registering, you can call our recall hotline at 1-888-258-9530.

  2. Go to your RevZilla, CycleGear, or J&P Cycles retail store and provide them with the helmet as well as certain identifying information


Q: What is the company doing as a remedy?


  • If you are registering online: Once your helmet is returned to us, you will be shipped a gift card in the amount of the full retail price within 60-90 days to use toward a replacement helmet.

  • If you are returning your helmet to a retail store: You will be provided a store credit in the amount of the full retail price to use toward a replacement helmet.


Q: Why are these products being recalled?

A:  This recall is being conducted according to rules and procedures of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (“DOT”). During voluntary testing we had conducted on helmets we sell, our third-party testing company determined that some of the helmets did not comply with penetration testing required by the DOT. This noncompliance could create an enhanced risk of injury for a rider using these helmets. For that reason, we are recalling the helmets listed above.


Q: How did you find out about the possible issue?

A: Through our own voluntary testing program .


Q: What about the Agency recommendation to consumers to avoid products?

A: Upon notifying NHTSA of the issues, they posted the notification on their website.


Q: Have there been any injuries?

A: Not that we are aware of. This has been a precautionary action to prevent any possible injuries.


Q: Have you stopped shipping the product?

A: Yes, they have been removed from all stores and retailers.


Q: When will you resume shipping?

A: We will not resume shipping any of the affected models.


Q: What safety issues are presented due to this recall?

  • Penetration test failure: Very rare safety risk

  • 2nd impact dwell time test failure: Not a safety risk


Q: Can I continue to use my unit?
A: No, you should immediately stop using the helmet.


Q: I no longer have the receipt or I no longer have the unit. Can I still participate in the recall?
A: Yes, if you have one of the recalled helmets indicated above in your possession, you may be eligible for the recall and full replacement value.

Q: Can I take the unit back to the store where I purchased it?

A: Yes, you can. They will check the production sticker to verify it is one of the affected models.

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